translated from Spanish: 20 years of Google: who controls it?

when the President’s EE. UU. Donald Trump attacks Google, as it is often done with others. It is the typical behavior of an egotistical wanting the World adapts to it, and not to the world. Trump still does not seem to understand the enormous power that has Google. Among other things, Google algorithms determine which messages receive and what should go unnoticed.
And Google managers can say without blushing that nothing is manipulated, that everything is based on a single principle: issues that top the lists are those who interested to majorities. Relevance is the principle that a giant made of Google.
We are the good guys!
But that tactic won’t it be able to maintain for a long time. Google has always tried to present itself as a «friend» and «partner», endorsed in the days of its founding motto: «don’t be evil!», «do not be angry!». A theme of morality. There is good and evil. And we, the founders, chose the good side.
Now, Google has changed its motto. Now says: «do the right thing!», which, at first sight, sounds nice, but it is not. Ask Donald Trump, what is considered «correct». Current Google morale seems to be much more flexible.
This should frighten those who believe that Internet will also decide the future of our democracy and our society. We need someone to monitor the neutrality of Google, and that is respected. Not a politician, but a neutral institution we need to watch: a Foundation, for example. An entity that avoid that Google handled as a toy for the business or politics. There is between less competition on the Internet becomes more real this danger. Donald Trump would dictate to Google what this search engine should show their ideas, and how.
A neutral monopolist?
For now, only Google can decide if he remains neutral. The same consortium has to defend against manipulation attempts and other attacks. And we, the users, we believe that the Corporation really wants to remain neutral. This is a risk because the company has an almost monopolistic position. Which is why that Google should also rejoice in having an independent and external control, and not so vehemently reject it.

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