translated from Spanish: The Argentine Ambassador in Mexico fought back accusations by their dress

Ezequiel Sabor, the Argentine Ambassador in Mexico, it was criticized by the clothing with which received the liberty frigate and its crew: Bermuda shorts, Polo t-shirt and z apatillas, when the Protocol indicates that you must dress label. 

The Argentine Embassy in the North American country issued a statement in this regard where indicated that flavor is dressed so since «the formal agenda for the event included only sports» and lunch was organized»suddenly». 

To that organized food from one moment to another, according to the testimony of the Embassy, «Ambassador decided to accept the honour of sharing a moment of camaraderie with the crew of the ship school». 

Also indicated that that night was the official reception and taste went dress label: «attended with formal attire and gave a few words of thanks and respect for the ship logo, requesting a minute of silence in memory of the 44 crew members of the» ARA San Juan». 

The episode of the former official of the former Ministry of labour provoked the anger of several soldiers who showed their rejection to the attitude of the Ambassador through social networks. 

Even the portal Infobae published Jorge Faurie Chancellor was one of the more angry since he held a time as Chief of Protocol. 

Frigate Libertad Embassy of Mexico

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