translated from Spanish: What nobody told you about the electronic cigarette

El Dr. Alejandro Turek, University specialist physician in Oncology (M.N. 65.164), was blunt about the electronic cigarette: «there are no long-term safety studies and» sequence of use»and»are not recognized as useful to quit».

«If they have nicotine, is harmful to health,» said.

«The market is renewing designs, changing vaporizers and liquids that are used, and improving flavors to make pleasant the experience of the vapeo and repeatable.» It is an old trick of the tobacco companies give chocolate, menthol and sugar,»he continued.

«It is a billionaire dollar business,» questioned the specialist, and recalled that «several times they banned in Argentina and elsewhere in the world».

He continued: «operation requires high concentrations of propylene glycol and nicotine variables (not always stated with accuracy).» The levels of nicotine in blood may be as high as those found in the smokers of regular cigarettes.»

«Therefore, it is not a medicine, or can occur as a treatment for smoking cessation,» he said.

Finally, Turek said that «aerosols used in these sprays also contain toxic substances (carcinogenic, neurotoxic, mutagenic).» Other inhaled substances generated damage in the respiratory system by chronic inflammation, motivating this a further concern for sanitary control institutions». 

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