translated from Spanish: Health opened six summary against five firms Quintero for violating standards of environment and health

in the context of the inspections conducted the seremi of health, since August 21, when the first event of mass poisoning occurred in Quintero, affected to 378 people, opened six summaries against five companies from the area of Quintero (Gasmar, Enap, Enex, LNG and two in Oxiquim), defaults to various health standards and protection of the environment as it recorded the third, the first proceedings was against Oxiquim due to lack in the procedure of trasvasije pond. In that document, the seremi argues that changes in storage «are associated with volatizaciones or emission of volatile substances, without any regulation by the procedure of work deemed an emissions control» and was ordered to halt operations.
On this point, Edmundo bridges, CEO of Oxiquim, said that «as successive and repeated audits carried out by the health, environmental, municipal authorities and police investigations, the compounds have checked it received in our terminal not are the source of the episodes of air pollution affecting the area of Quintero and Puchuncaví»and which is» attempted to irresponsible and persistently to link to our company, which operates a maritime terminal, in the » unfortunate circumstances affecting this area».
Meanwhile, the second summary to Oxiquim, rose le Monday 27, for not sending four workers intoxicated at a health center.
The same failure was charged that day to Gasmar, by not derive five workers poisoned the corresponding health care campus.
On the other hand, also is instituted at Enap after found hazardous waste not enabled instead. Consulted, since oil is diji that such failure «has no relationship with the formulation of charges made by the Superintendent of environment» and that the corrective measures were already implemented.
On the other hand, six days after control pointed to LNG, due to poor management of hazardous wastes in ponds of management of industrial wastewater. In defence, the company raised that you noted «labeling of four containers of 1 m3 each, two of which were empty, and the other two with hydrocarbon waste.» These were located on a parapet of containment, detected the presence of a slight runoff of waste». The company said that this was already corrected and denied that it is linked to the contamination of the area.
The last issue signature was Enex, lack of sanitary authorization of asphalt emulsion. On this the company raised that yes they have permission, so shall submit it to the authority.

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