translated from Spanish: Attention of air force of United States about Elon Musk by smoking marijuana

a controversial video that began circulating this Friday where he appears smoking marijuana and drinking whisky, has turned the attention of the air force of us about Elon Musk and it has raised the rumor that has opened an investigation into their drug habits. The video was filmed during a live broadcast of a program of the American comedian Joe Rogan. At a time when driver offers Musk a cigarette of tobacco mixed with marijuana, which the employer agrees. A spokesman for the air force said The Verge that musk research information was false. However, mentioned that they should take time «to determine the facts and the appropriate process to handle the situation».

The interest of the air force for the conduct of Musk part of SpaceX, one of the companies founded by the technologist, provides services to the Government. Persons with the authorization of security of the Government and the military are prohibited from the use of marijuana. So far, there is an investigation, but in accordance with the above, it is likely that U.S. air force soon make a formal announcement in this regard. 

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