translated from Spanish: Ended them the party: 32% of notaries was remade with new project

gave the impression that notaries were appointed for life in their jobs. Or at least so said the myth. Whether true or not, that will change with a new bill that seeks to renew the ancient notaries.
According to figures from the Ministry of Justice, of the 396 officials in activity, distributed among notaries, conservators and archivists (NCA), 126 would cease its functions once enacted the initiative, i.e. 31.9%, as reported by the La Tercera newspaper.
The Government is proposing a limit of 21 years under the command of a notary, as well as a maximum age of 75 years to occupy this post. The measure, reported from the Executive, would apply to the entire universe of officials. In this sense, realized the proposal, 107 NCA would leave his position to have passed 21-year function. While 19 do not even reach that number, but more than 75 years of age.
These new limits were not well received by the Guild, who have questioned the point of the proposal: “there is no basis for the term of 21 years. It would be the only case in all the Judicial power, and especially in the auxiliaries of the administration of Justice. The edge threatens the career officer, because we exercise a specialization work’, said Alfredo Martín, President of the Guild.

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