translated from Spanish: Morena breaks; “Sergio Pimentel is dividing,” admits Fermín Bernabé

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán. – Once again the National Regeneration Movement party in Michoacán (Morena) is broken, before the division between the parliamentary fraction and the Executive Committee, chaired by Sergio Pimentel Mendoza, and after a document was released in which the leader of that party, announces that Deputy Teresa López Hernández was elected as the new coordinator of the Brown isamus bench within the Michoacán Congress.
On the above, the current coordinator and chairman of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo), Fermín Bernabé Bahena accused his party president of dividing and passing over the parliamentary and congressional fraction.

“They are getting complaints against Sergio Yeyo Pimentel, because he is the one who is putting the division in, and he is putting in a writing, that is neither his power nor has nor has a document that has appointed him acting secretary of a party, there is a usurpation of functions Barnabas Bahena remarkably annoyed.

In telephone interview the legislator added that the document sent to the Board of Directors of the Congress violates Morena’s statutes on “do not betray and not lie”, because above the will of the majority of MPs.
He reiterated that it is the party fractions that must decide their own inner life, and not an “individual who turns a trade without any act of companions.”
Yesterday, a local media outlet reported that at a meeting between deputies of Morena and Pimentel Mendoza – which was not attended by Fermín Bernabé, Osiel Equihua Equihua, Cristina Portillo Ayala, Sandra Luz Valencia, Antonio Madriz Estrada and Zenaida Salvador Brígido-, the members of present elected Teresa López Hernández as coordinator, Francisco Cedillo de Jesús as vice-coordinator, and even appointed Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Congress, recalling that Morena would be the party that he would preside over the post as one of two parties with the necessary numerical representation indicated by the Organic Law of the Michoacan parliament.
On the above mentioned, Barnababa Bahena called it a “serious mistake” for Morena’s Executive Committee to pass over Congress and violently to a power.

“He – Yeyo Pimentel – is already putting up a president of the Bureau when this is an exclusive power of the deputies, the Bureau is decided by the Congress, it is not decided by a parliamentary fraction”

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