translated from Spanish: Marito Baracus: «We lose freedom of expression in the name of hate speech»

One of the first YouTube personalities is presented on Wednesday hand-in-hand with journalist Julio Leiva in a new edition of Caja Negra. Marito Baracus.Popular for the content of her videos, to which she changes her voice, she humor «anti-fascist gay hardcore», as she describes in her profiles. In this segment of Filo.News, he tells how he changed his passion for the television world, his dedication to his content, talks about Marito Kids and more. Home of youtubers: audiovisual paradigm shift
«What was happening on TV at the time was all cute. Everything’s perfect. People had grown tired of what was happening in the traditional media. And these ugly ones appear, myself included, that gave it a different color and went more on the side of spontaneity, of the natural. That’s where this group of people comes from, which is the first community of youtube Argentina. Guys who hang out at the Planetarium. All ugly, many with problems in houses or dysfunctional families. Very different from what was shown on television. That’s the first litter,» he recalls. 

Marito Baracus and Julio Leiva in Caja Negra Photo: Filo.News

He recalls when many parents took their children to see the Demented to Luna Park. «They said, ‘How this ugly one can fill a Luna Park. Then my son can too.’ That’s the biggest example. Show as a kid like anyone can come to that on his own, without having behind anyone to bank him,» he says. What was your life like before YouTube? «I was laburing before youtube in production companies. Sometimes days of more than 15 hours. I’ve been stuck there a day and a half. He had motion capture. I put sensors on actors in 3D. It was sold to Channel 7, America. I left the production company almost in a situation of violence with my boss and I said I’m never going to repeat this again. It was that same day that I started doing Justin Tv, which today would be twitch. It’s like that’s the escape from that to absolute freedom,» he replies. «I dreamed of television but it was a dream that was destroyed when I saw how things were really there,» he adds, the disenchantment gave way to his debut on the platform. Youtube Community
«Droos starts by making video game guides, then a blog. Talked. We had a chat exchange, by mail. Back then as a bigger gentleman he gives me a hand and teaches me how to live off this. Thanks to the help he gave me I was able to buy a lot of equipment with which I filmed for a long time,» he recalls.

Marito Baracus in Caja Negra ? Photo: Filo.News

«There’s a community that’s a little healed. It sometimes breaks again, but it’s cyclical. There are some fights that are boys’ fights that I don’t understand. Things that happen. But they’ve already put on some Band-Aids. What is youtube itself we are going through a stage of political correctness that you can’t say anything and we’re looking at how to surf. Luckily, platforms are diversifying. We’re going to look for other platforms what Youtube isn’t giving. I think it’s a matter of something new coming in at some point. As we thought Fotolog was going to be forever, that Facebook was going to be forever. We are waiting for something that will give us what Youtube is not giving us. It’s basically paying attention to a very small group that responds the way they want it to respond,» he says. The exposure that the platform gives also generates repercussions from those who receive the content that youtubers generate. «We are losing freedom of expression in the name of hate speech. It seems to me that there are characters with verified user who are political and who own the world who seem to me to incite more hatred with wars and more nefarious things and you are talking about a kid who uploads a video that the platform does not like» Considered.     «There are a lot of businesses that leave you more money than this. I don’t do it for money. I’m doing it for happiness. I like this. I like to do what I want. In the non-contradiction I find happiness,» he argues. Marito states that many times it is easier to do what Youtube wants and say that the world is beautiful and that nothing is happening. «It doesn’t make me happy. I don’t face things from my ego. You can watch some videos and say, ‘Ah this chabón is re peronist’ and watch another video and say, ‘Ah, this chabon is re facho’. There are many videos that are based on listening to how my friends think. And you can say this chabon thinks so and not. I’m replicating my friend’s thinking and found it formidable to make a video out of that.  In my case I try to transcend my ego to make a product that amuses people. I’m the old pussy. It’s nice too, because they come to me for advice. Usually the answer is, ‘Do what the ortho sings to you,'» he says.  Marito Kids 
It was one of its most successful segments. He says: «Marito Kids was one of those that exploded. Today it couldn’t be done either, because it was too strong. it was a bomb. I would. I love it. But that’s it. Now we’re following the license. I can’t talk about this for a contract. But basically I can’t do Level X for a while for a contractual issue.»  Now he’s working on another project. «We’re doing a book about the history of Youtube, about the Internet actually. How this all started, it gathers the story,» he says. Artists and trend
«When someone comes and someone is super weird and has a very different view from mine, I’m interested. See what he thinks, what’s going on in his head. And that sooner or later is reflected in a video,» says Marito.

Marito Baracus and Julio Leiva in Caja Negra Photo: Filo.News

«I’m interested in artists who say something. I don’t know if artists necessarily have to say something or not. That’s another discussion. But it does make me uncomfortable when we’re going to the artists’ side who don’t say anything. The medium is banking nothing more than that kind of artist. So I say, ‘What’s in there?’ That’s what makes me uncomfortable. I think there’s got to be room for everyone. For those who speak well, those who don’t, those who say one thing, those who say another. Christian de Lugano has no chance of defending himself. It’s the fifth channel that’s off him. Yes, he’s strong, he’s a low-class slob with addictions, but because he’s lowered the canal. Why can’t that character exist? If it’s part of our society. That’s what makes me uncomfortable, that it doesn’t take place,» he says. In a medium in which trends, what is of proportional interest to the content that gives, measure the rod constantly, Marito says: «Trends clearly I proved that they are fingered, because I upload two videos at the same time and the one that talks about a committed topic as much as I have more views, the more I like it and those things that trend you disappear, and the one that I’m talking about nothing or dog video gets into trend. Youtube wants me to make dog videos.» Towards the end of the interview, the box opens. An unexpected challenge begins. Week by week a figure will submit to the living room for dialogue and reflection. And you, are you so much to remember what moment you clicked on in your life? In this note:

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