translated from Spanish: Ampuero heads working meeting to prepare case Silala

the Chancellor Roberto Ampuero, Ximena Fuentes agent and the national team which defends our country before the International Court of Justice in the case of the Silala River, is r eunieron this Sunday in London, in order to prepare the meeting held Monday Ampuero with a team of lawyers and international scientists, who are also part of the defence of Chile in this litigation. On this meeting Ampuero said that «it has been a very intense meeting of lot of work where we have prepared the conditions for sessions of this week will have as protagonists to the Chilean team and our international lawyers», and added that «Chile is» It prepares to face this new stage of what is the demand for the use of the waters of the Silala River in very serious, coherent and well prepared». Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, said in late August that his country gave to the ICJ its Counter-Memorial on the lawsuit filed by Chile, all in the context of the use of the waters of the Silala River, and further noted that it would present a counterclaim. According to Morales the writing «is based on studies carried out in the area of the Silala including geological, hydraulic, hydrologic, geophysical research hydrochemical and environmental, that confirm the considerable flow of the waters of the» the Silala spring flow artificially into Chilean territory by channeling works made in the last century». This was a surprise as in the previous months the same Morales had ruled out recourse to this option to countersue. It should be recalled that in June 2016 Chile filed a lawsuit against Bolivia before the International Court of Justice asking him to declare to the Silala River, born in the neighboring country, as an international watercourse. Acpetarse this thesis implies that our country has right of equitable use and reasonable in its waters and that its current uses are allowed under fair use law.

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