translated from Spanish: The Red Sox, against the injury

Coral Gables, Florida. (VIP-WIRE)-“if I’ve told lies was once because they were truth”… Yogi Berra-the winning teams are those who can meet the calamities of the lesions and the slumps. The Red stockings 2018 have been prodigious in these functions. Now manager Alex Cora has just announced that on Tuesday, with the Blue Jays visit, ACE, the lefty Chris Sale, will reappear.” It will open the game”said Cora,”but if all goes well, it will launch a maximum of two innings or 40 pitches.” Sale they found inflammation in rest of treatment left at the end of July, and then shoulder, reappeared on August 12, when he had to return to the list of the injured parties for the same cause. Now Chris feels a hundred percent, but its victories are not needed in September. Talking again the manager Cora… “leaves open games, as usual, every five days.” As well as now the maximum will be two innings or 40 pitches, the next time will be three innings or 60 pitches, and then four and 80, for when it will be perfectly prepared for the postseason. We don’t need their victories now, but in October”. Chris sale, rested and recovered from his ailments, a good game released can be expected whenever you mount on the mound. The Bostonians have weathered as well the drama of the lesions, that 19 of their players have landed on the list of the case, some several times, so it added 26 travel to that unwanted world of inactivity. Until yesterday, they had been absent from 1,002 games. These are just a few of the 19 who have fallen on the list of disabled persons, as well as Chris comes out…: Dustin Padroia (left knee), Mookie Betts (stomach virus), Eduardo Rodríguez (right knee), Marco Hernández (left shoulder), Xander Bogaerts) left ankle), Bobby Poyner (left thigh), Brock Holt (left thigh), Héctor Velásquez (waist), Carson Smith (right shoulder), Drew Pomeranz (tendonitis in left biceps), Ian Kinsler (left thigh). This is the difference. PATCHWORK-* of course, the ability to overcome the consequences of the injuries, needs good substitutes… * the good news of the weekend is that the Yankees were rehabilitated to Dutch shortstop Didi Gregorius, who has been an important factor in the victories of the team, after the retirement of Derek Jeter.El problem of the closer of the Dodgers Arrogantes, Kenley Jansen, with the height of Denver (1609 meters above the sea level), has chipped him twice in the heart, in 2011 and 2012. Even carried it from Coors Field hospital with pain in the chest. But he insists that if you can launch beyond, talking possible playoffs, Rockies-Dodgers… well you know! Thanks to the life that has given me so much, even a reader like you. 

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