translated from Spanish: Asesinan a balazos dealer in Copandaro, Michoacán

Copandaro, Michoacan.-an inhabitant known of Copandaro was riddled with bullets as he sat in a wheelchair outside his home, located behind the parish church of Santiago Apóstol. The killer used a heavy caliber weapon to perpetrate the attack, according to police sources.
The specialized unit at the scene of the crime (UEEC), dependent of the General Prosecutor of Justice (PGJ), went to the site of the attack and undertook the respective investigations.
In the news coverage was knowing that the now deceased responded to the name of Ishmael, from 60 years of age, who was a wealthy merchant from the town.
It also transpired that the incident occurred during the Sunday night on one of the sidewalks of calle Hermenegildo Galeana, between roads Pipila and Miguel Hidalgo, right in the Centre of Copandaro.

Close police contacts mentioned that supposedly a solitary type had passed along with the offended today and rafagueo with a weapon long, then quickly fled.
People who heard the shots warned elements of Municipal public security, who arrived found lifeless Ishmael, then cordoned off the site to protect the tracks.
The UEEC experts, arriving at the aforementioned address, searched for evidence and also obtained some testimonies of what happened.
On the floor were several caps, which were packed. Criminal justice experts and ministerial agents transferred the deceased to the Michoacán capital and left him in the morgue, where a coroner performed the necropsy of rigor.

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