translated from Spanish: Political parties rate Tricel failure to give social organizations time on TV band

Political parties were pleased with the decision issued Saturday by the Qualifying Court of Elections (Tricel) to give social organizations a “significant” time on the TELE vision for the April 26 plebiscite.
Tricel established that political parties must give social entities “at least a third” of their time in the campaign.
In this regard, the President of the Socialist Party (PS), Alvaro Elizalde, told La Tercera that they value tricel’s ruling and assured that “even before this resolution we had agreed to incorporate in our time representatives of organizations of society civilian.”
In the same vein, UDI President Jacqueline van Rysselberghe said they were already working with some social organizations before the ruling was known.
However, a new question arises for organizations and parties, and it has to do with how the delivery of time to civil entities will be monitored. 
For this reason, the meaput of the Party for Democracy (PPD), Ricardo Celis, proposed to give 50% of the time to social organizations and that the audit be carried out by the Tricel.

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