translated from Spanish: Celso Piña open festival Cultural pure Sinaloa in Mazatlán

Mazatlan, Sinaloa-give details of the Festival pure Sinaloa, at press conference in the Mazatlan Art Museum, Papik Ramírez and Raúl Rico shared programming which will take place in the South . Harbor wear prom with the presentation offering Celso Piña, who take delight in a free event in high waves on October 7. Read also: Sinaloa to the level of the CervantinoCon the purpose of bringing people to the culture, will be held the festival pure Sinaloa which will be ended on October 2 to November 18 of this year. An investment of 54 million pesos, of which 47 million puts the condition the rest the Federation is made. Dance, theatre, music, literature and poetry meet. 
See also: historic concert in the prison of Mazatlanen this time Billboard extends to all the 18 towns and some villages. There will be 482 activities and they will be more than 2 thousand 811 artists on stage. The activities will be 70 percent in open spaces and will be completely free, just go to the Angela Peralta by tickets four days before the date of the show.
The first event to be held in the port is on October 2 with the presence of Tito Losada, who will be presented at the Angela Peralta. The official opening of the festival will be on October 7 with the presence of Celso Piña who will offer a show of first level next to the OSSLA, under the direction of Miguel Salomón.

To continue with the activities the 10 will take place the international theater meeting attended by Evelyn Biecher, 12 presents the OSSLA and choir Angela Peralta. Angela Peralta, while 13 La Camerata Argentina Buenos Aires offers a special concert at the Angela Peralta, from Spain also reaches the port Tabula Rasa, coming from Spain, they offer their show in theatre on October 14. In this note: Mazatlan Festival pure Sinaloa 2018 Celso Piña

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