translated from Spanish: September 11 and Piñera: the day of the order

let us of tales. September 11 is the day of the order. Point.
It is a memorial day, it is true, but today it is more a memorial day of the cold war than anything else. Is the day anti-revolutionary par excellence, whether by revolution mean to Salvador Allende, Fidel Castro and the Communist Stalinism that collapsed in Santiago de Chile by the walls of La Moneda to hands, nothing more and nothing less than a conspiracy orchestrated by United States, the CIA and the sad and shameful Pinochet puppet and its Board.
It is the day that kicks off the counter-revolution today euphemistically call “capitalist modernization” and only days ago called neoliberalism. Is the day of the point foot initial Constitution of the 80 that today governs us and that incidentally gave – Court, shooting and side-to what is known as the party of order, that strange mix between political, cultural and moral agreements and above all economic to follow to govern us.
It is the day in which we celebrate deftly order.

The day that no one leaves run photo. The day in which we all have clean hands. The day where up to Gabriel Boric leaves with tie and keep in the Polaroid. The day that we are all human rights. Anyone against nothing. All in favor of freedoms. Anyone against any Socialist project, but all in favor of renewed socialism. All semi-intelectuales of the period known as the transition to democracy, but no one being an accomplice to a supervised democracy. Less passive accomplice.
In that Pinera, in it’s “passive accomplices”, has to his credit an extraordinary creature. All celebrate you his birth and even almost cry with the mea culpa of Chadwick, his cousin. Your creature is a spring of fresh water to wash your hands of civil responsibilities to “ever seen” atrocities, a spring of fresh water for sweetening the glorious present of the neoliberal order, a spring, at the end of Coca-Cola-flavored water, French fries and Burger: the water of what money do buy.
Piñera is a genius in the construction of posverdad from the political transition towards democracy: yesterday voted no while it made millionaire, and today, accuses the passive accomplices with drums and cymbals while know that Francisco Armanet stored in a c aja telephone recordings of trout purchases (with privileged information that does not respect the rules of the market), current head of State of shares of LAN became strong. A genius.
The genius of the party of order.
Let us of tales. September 11 is the day in which we celebrate the order that all – forgive the repetition – celebrate. All net, anyone against the hair, and less against the light, in the shadows. All ordenaditos, formaditos and consuming – tranquilitos – neo-liberal base paste.
In that, we do not lose.

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