translated from Spanish: Kory Leyson defended by the Paguitos case

Guasave, Sinaloa-former Mayor Armando Leyson Castro yesterday defended accusations that made against her by diversion of resources in the Paguitos case and ensured that money was retained them to the tr abajadores was used to repay debts to its administration. It also noted that up to the moment, neither he, nor any other government official has been quoted by the Prosecutor of the State on this case. Declaration
Leyson Castro accepted if he failed with the payment of that commitment, but ensures that this money was used to pay debts that received from previous Governments, not only of Ramon Barajas, such as public works, electricity, passes, «suppliers and to pay to the employees themselves.» The theme of Paguitos, in first instance have to accept that Yes is he failed to some extent with the payment of that commitment, because we had to pay us from past administrations, not only of the Ramon Barajas. We pay suppliers, we pay goes, we pay Jumapag, we pay employees of the City Council», he said. The ex said that that money not be ‘safó’ for any part that has not been to pay a need for the authority-lie. «Wool falling there, was to see how satisfacíamos the urgent.» Signs
Armando Leyson said calm and total availability to clarify the situation, also said that everything has been used with political background.
I’m totally calm, because personally I don’t I took or a five that I do not correspond, have also used it to see how try to beat us, it is not only about how to clarify what they supposedly believe that it was an embezzlement for the «City Hall, but who hit the political coup», said.

about this said that everything is properly documented and that who is blaming has the obligation to prove it. Also requested that if you checked the diversion of resources, which is responsible who really committed the tort.» Who is responsible and who is blaming, has the obligation to prove it, and we will have to defend ourselves at the precise moment of something we did not. Everything is documented,»he said.

In this note: Guasave Kory Leyson Caso paguitos

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