translated from Spanish: Lorenzetti announced that he will leave the Presidency of the Supreme Court: the celebration of Carrió

Ricardo Lorenzetti will no longer be the President of the Supreme Court from January 1, 2019, which represents a shift in the landscape judicial-polit current ICO and a relief to Elisa Carrió, confronted with the Rafaela several years ago. 

The Supreme became the highest Argentine Court in 2004, by appointment of the then President Néstor Kirchner, that when he took office in 2003 launched a renewal of the body that was intended to end with ‘The automatic majority’, as it was known in that then a group of judges who voted in favor of the Menem. 

In 2007 he took the Presidency of the Court instead of Enrique Petracchi. While there is still no official confirmation, it appears that his replacement would be Carlos Rosenkrantz, who arrived in 2016 by appointment of Mauricio Macri. 

Long since Lorenzetti had an open confrontation with Elisa Carrió, who denounced it whenever I could in public and which even required the intervention of Macri. 

«Thank God, ended the impunity and extortion. It is not more President, who administers the Court. It’s a miracle, I didn’t know that it could happen,»explained Deputy after enterarase of the news media. 

Last week he had denounced it for alleged irregularities in the management of the laboratory of Toxicology of the Judicial Morgue.

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