translated from Spanish: Prat Gay acknowledged the offer of the Foreign Ministry and said that you can return to the Government

the former Minister of finance and finance Alfonso Prat Gay confirmed today that at the beginning of September he was offered taking in front of the Chancellery and not of page back to join future Government of Mauricio Macri.

«Yes, I scouted. And, well, seems to me that history is well known already, isn’t it? I had an offer from the Government. Of course that I was available, as I have been since day one, inside and outside of Government», held in dialogue with radio Mitre. 


And added: «the only thing that I suggested, and they all agreed, is that a name, my name, could not in particular, reversed the situation of mistrust that had entered the Government, which had to do something more.» And that it was very important to give other political volume to the Cabinet because of what comes next.»

Prat Gay also opined that «the Argentina reached this point» crisis «primarily one political matter rather than a matter of Economics», so it held that «output to recover the confidence has to be a political solution». 


The radical advocated a better internals of change, since «political exit is not replaced with a name that you enter to the Cabinet, but with return to politics». 

«No cannot ask you peronism agreement of ten basic steps to lift this crisis Argentina if before not we agree among us, isn’t it?», added. 

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