translated from Spanish: Carom between 3 cars from the UAS leaves thousands in damages

Mazatlan-a road accident recorded during this afternoon left thousands of dollars in property damage. The incident took place facing the UAS on the Ejercito Mexicano Avenue high school.

Photo: The DEBATE the units involved were a Nissan Versa, a white Nissan Pickup truck and a Volkswagen Jetta. According to the information obtained at the site, said that the vehicle is hoped to urban truck lowering passengers in school moved from place to continue their way.

Photo: The DEBATE behind the Versa also hoped the Nissan truck. When suddenly the Jetta vehicle in blue which was allegedly traveling overspeed ended by impact from one side to the white van and the truck hit the Versa.El vehicle Jetta continued advancing a few meters and the driver of this in their attempt to by control unit gave a volantazo up on the central ridge of the rua, knocking the fence of steel that is in the same.  

Photo: DEBATE a motorbike ambulance arrived on site to review the Volkswagen driver who had pain in the neck but was not necessary to his transfer to the hospital. Municipal transit agents were those who were commissioned to do the lifting of the part. In this note: preparatory UAS Carom 3 car shock thousands damage

Original source in Spanish

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