translated from Spanish: Delivery Red Cross support to more than 400 victims in El Fuerte

El Fuerte, Sinaloa. “today I know that asked nine weights asking at the school for the collection, and I told my children, so that the Red Cross wants those nine pesos” today is which were to this support that we are receiving, because today we are in disgrace, of drawing those nine pesos is we are returning, because nine weights isn’t anything for what they are giving us, thank you red cross my heart is happy, our community of the Carri I quote this happy, for that we are grateful to our Mayor Nubia Ramos has not left us in any moment of the hand”. On behalf of the beneficiary families, the Mrs. America Huicho Romero of El Ranchito of Mochicahui thanked props that Mexican Red Cross was delivering them, and taking the microphone could not contain the tears when he recalled as the raging currents of water almost snatched you their children who managed to save while you filled your home when it is opened a gap at the edge of the Cahuinahua canal after heavy rains which caused the 19-E tropical storm. 

Courtesy “nine pesos that we borrowed in the collection are nothing to what we are giving”. Decertified while wiping his eyes. During the delivery of aid to the more than 400 affected families in the communities of El Ranchito of Mochicahui, El Carricito, Jahuara first, the Musos left margin, the Musos right bank, La Colonia, Las Ladrilleras and lines, each one of the families He received a bundle by a mattress, a stove, personal hygiene, hygiene kit kit for drinking, cooking, cleaning and food pantries Kit Kit. On behalf of Arturo Ramos Ortiz, State delegate of the Mexican Red Cross, Irene Bastidas was a recognition to private institutions that have made possible the donation of 2 thousand 351 supports to be gradually delivered to equal number of families affected in the municipality of El Fuerte with an estimated investment of 3 million 500 thousand pesos and a recognized external volunteer, the Juventinos, the paramedics and the delegate of the meritorious institution Eng. Miguel Humberto Ruelas Orrantia.Cuando a lot of people adds to this noble cause and remove the snack to share with the brothers in misfortune, that means that God has not left us alone, said the Municipal President Nubia Ramos Carbajal in his speech. The first mayor urged citizens always have the generous heart to help Red Cross and help to those who have less because no one knows when it will deal with such support and more at this time of contingency in which El Fuerte has been one of the most affected s. courtesy Ramos Carbajal explained that thanks to the generosity of a lot of people this day were given mattresses, stoves, toiletries, hygiene kits kits for drinking, cooking, cleaning Kits and food pantries Kits and highlighted the efforts that this h aciendo the Governor of the State Quirino Ordaz Coppel that the Fonden resources are desburocraticen and can be built 50 homes of families who suffered total loss and having to start all over again.” This emergency are not alone, we are guidelines, so these fifty families may have their homes Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel has put shirt with fuertenses families, and we have carried them mattresses, food water, because very important plebes is clean our homes to prevent disease, not we left cleaning kits alone”. It said. 

Finally, it was reported that Cruz Roja Mexicana delegation Sinaloa has delivered a total of 2 thousand 645 kits of food pantries to families affected after the passage of tropical depression 19-E in the State in more than 90 tons of pantry that have arrived from different parts of the Mexican Republic to the State. In this note: affected the strong red cross

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