translated from Spanish: They attacked a car in 10 seconds and are carried almost $8,900

Argentina.-the brutal assault of the so-called motochorros (assailants on motorbike) affect a man in car that was circulating a known Avenue of the city of Buenos Aires.Dicho tort fu and two weeks ago, but images from security cameras recorded the scene were broadcast Friday. Six people take $365 thousand in seconds. In the sequence, you can see how a car is stopped for the traffic light, a group of six criminals aboard three down, break the rear glass of the car and take the loot. Theft lasts in total 10 seconds and occurs almost at 2 in the afternoon. Once they succeed in staying with the backpack with the money, escape aboard the motorcycle. Two going to one side and the third motorcycle is going in the opposite direction. In the sequence looks like passes for next a person who walked down the sidewalk and that had stopped to see what was happening, according to TN. 
According to witnesses, the victim had just removed the money from the Bank. The same residents of the area called police, who managed to stop two of the criminals who were not those who had the bag with silver. In this note: Video assault Auto loot 10 seconds

Original source in Spanish

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