translated from Spanish: Woman with Alba Alert, among the 4 killed found in Tzintzuntzan

Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán.- Beatriz H., who had disappeared on October 17 of this year, is among the murdered people who were found on Wednesday morning in the Tzintzuntzan region.
As will be remembered, the bodies are of three men and a woman, who were covered with a blanket and lying on the shore of the Morelia-Quiroga road, a few meters from the deflection to the town of La Noria and in the vicinity of the community of El Tigre.
It transdied that the males were appreciated firearm projectile hits and gunshot wounds; as for the female, she had puncture gun injuries, as well as several concussal object blows.
Upon learning of the macabre finding, the Crime Scene and Expert Services Unit (USPEC), under the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), went to the site and began the respective investigations, then moved the bodies to the morgue for the practice of rigor necropsy.
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It was later learned that one of the victims turned out to be 45-year-old Beatrice, who had been unaware of her whereabouts since the afternoon of the previous Saturday, as a result, the disappearance had been reported and an Alba Alert issued.
The last time he was seen alive in the a half-day life was when, aboard his Jetta vehicle, he left his home located in the Villas del Pedregal fraction to head to the quiroga demarcation.
The Prosecutor’s Office continues with the appropriate proceedings to clarify the multiple homicide. The rest of the interfects remain as unidentified, the sources mentioned

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