translated from Spanish: Recorded by police beating inmates of the prison of Valparaíso

Sunday, September 30, at the prison complex of Valparaiso in the is topped ctor, there was a brawl between inmates, which ended with a brutal beating by gendarmerie to several inmates.
Formally the Protocol to be applied gendarmerie before these quarrels, is reduced first to the people who are participating in the brawl, then reduce to the whole module and seek some kind of stab the or the internal may have. In addition, those deprived of liberty must sit in the end ground to a wall, with her legs open and your hands on the nape of the neck, one after the other, as you can see it clearly in the video that he unveils the prison social Observatory.
Gallic Muñoz Veloso, Chief Executive Officer of this organization, which brings together various regional organizations, said that ensures the super prison surveillance post of the dignity of persons deprived of their liberty and that they went up to the networks this video, for denounce this kind of inhuman and systematic procedures.
Muñoz declared in this module the penitentiary complex of Valparaiso, inmates of medium and high commitment delinquency, found approximately more than 300 people, for a module that should be more than 180 people should not constitute it. Due to the existence of envelope population and substandard prison conditions, is that the prison population becomes more permeable to the quarrels.
On the other hand, commented that in this procedure by rina one of inmates tried to hit an official of the gendarmerie, according to what they say own gendarmes in the prison of Valparaíso, but as this fact is seen in the video is not demonstrated «the truth is that ge» ndarmes start randomly to some internal punches of kicks, sticks and insults of heavy-gauge. Legally this is a cruel inhuman and degrading treatment, and possibly it could qualify as a crime of torture»ended.
Purpose than usual of these practices, Munoz said there is a frequency: «always happens and always will have pass due to the prison crisis is living for decades in Chile.» And this excessive and inhumane violence is independent there are fights, sometimes hits have no foundation and they are without any reason.»

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