translated from Spanish: Spokesman for the Bolivian maritime demand acknowledged that a “over-expectation” was generated before the crash

former President of Bolivia and the maritime demand against Chile, Carlos Mesa, spokesman acknowledged that in his country a “on e is generated xpectativa”with the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ended by disposing of its action. In a video in Youtube, the former President said that “this was a failure affecting not only Chile and Bolivia because it had a conceptual character, because the possibility of a transformation of how marked read international law on the concept” “bilateral and multilateral events faced by States and therefore would have an application of universal jurisprudence”. After this, he said that the Hague Tribunal acted conservatively “to maintain the status quo” and that his determination was based “by law and not by Justice”. Table, that Yes, said that La Paz must respect the determination of the Court, pointing out that in addition “must be assumed openly responsibility that touches you” legal failure. Demand spokesman admitted that “we generate one expectation on a vision that is proved then, was overly optimistic, and the country felt hit a blow of course not expected, given that we had told him that the chances of Bolivia were very high to win the case”.

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