translated from Spanish: They managed to rescue women trapped under the trailer of a truck

the container of a truck overturned this morning in circunvalación Ave. and the Rosary and crushed a car Ford Escort carrying two women. After more than one hour, were rescatas with life by emergency personnel.

Operating more than 50 mobile between fire and police participated. And a helicopter came to the area to assist the injured. The truck driver was taken to the Provincial Hospital women were transferred to the Clemente Alvarez Hospital while that driver of the truck, 23 years old, suffered a Cranio-Encephalic trauma and remains under medical care.

«the container was loaded with drums of 200 litres with frozen lemon juice, which hampered the rescue work,» said a fireman. 

It reported from the journalist Fernando Carrafiello of Radio 2 place trailer collapsed around 10.30 a.m. at the south entrance and hit on three cars. Women travelling in the Ford Escort, Alejandra and her daughter Yoana, a 26 year old community police officer, were the most affected as they were trapped. 

Original source in Spanish

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