translated from Spanish: The city denied it: investigating a friend of Cathy Barriga, who earns $2.4 million in town and dedicates his time to children’s parties

the Mayor d (e) Maipú, Cathy Barriga lives a new controversy at the expense of a worker of the municipality.
He is Vania Vicencio González, friend of the Mayor, who is hired as a zumba instructor and receives a salary of 2.4 billion pesos. According to the half the voice of Maipú, women went to work to the municipality when the spouse’s Joaquín Lavín won the elections for mayor. In this way, did receive a monthly salary of $300.933 to one of $867.766 under the administration of belly, in January of 2017. But last year increased to $1.414.732, and then, in May of this year started to receive $2.427.082.
According to data from Portal transparency, Vicencio comes out as graduated from 12th grade and then took a series of courses to be instructor zumba and personal trainer at the Academy sesame. However, the friend’s belly has a separate venture where it participates in kids birthday as a cheerleader, so the time from his post as municipal officer is «ghost».
The means by which uncovered information contrasted leaves Vicencio assistance with publications on Facebook it, detailing, for example, Vania arrived to work on February 17 at 08:19 hours and that it was at 22:18. However, in your Facebook account appears a publication that date at 22:04, where an event was ending for a child’s birthday. This situation is repeated on several occasions.
Following the complaint, the own Cathy Barriga responded to rumors involving to the municipal official, emphasizing that the salary of Vicencio is $1,200,000 and that high pay is due to bonds that municipal employees from across the country receive. Although it did not refer to the work of his friend plays in the municipality or on complaints received Vicencio to appear while working it is carrying out events.

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