translated from Spanish: 4 news that promises the 6, the next generation wireless networks wireless

“Do you have wifi free?” has become a common question in bars and cafes around the world. But an affirmative answer does not always respond to the expectations of users.
A slow connection as is usual in congested places and often results in a large expenditure of battery. But maybe that will change very soon.
Why mirrors are enemies of wifi (and other objects that can cause your connection to malfunction) the Wi-Fi Alliance, the organization that promotes this technology in the world, has just introduced a new version which will be in 2019 and that hopes to provide a new expe experience in network connectivity.
He has called her wifi 6 and is “the next generation of Wi-Fi technology 802-based. 11ax”, a standard (in fact, its original technical name) that will give you more capabilities to the router and which will allow, among other things, fewer interruptions when you browse over internet.
How it expects to achieve this and other new promises?
1 decongestion of networks one of the main consequences that wifi technology has become ubiquitous is that networks are increasingly saturated.
The new generation promises less saturation in the network. Every time we have more devices connected to the internet and routers must be capable of supporting multiple connections at the same time.
Wifi 6 is designed to offer more scope and coverage, so connected in “dense environments”, such as bars, stadiums and concerts, not so difficult.
6 wifi networks “will provide the capacity, coverage and performance required by users,” said the Wi-Fi Alliance.
2. more speed one of the consequences of congestion of networks is that the connection may be better and faster.
And this is precisely one of the more robust wifi 6 arguments: that users can connect to a wifi point without having failures.
3 performance one of the usual problems of wifi is that it consumes a lot of battery. There are many Internet users who ask him to Google and other search engines what are the tricks to prevent that from happening.
Bad coverage, repeated charges and other 5 things that damage your cell battery 5 reasons for which your smartphone can be heated (and how to fix it) Wifi 6 will mean lower spending of battery: up to two-thirds less that what you consume current standards in the c two.
This will allow us to be more time connected without telephone or computer shut down due to lack of battery, something which, in addition, allows you to save energy.
It is a saving of data, but it can also be a great expenditure of bateria.4. 8K resolution seems that 8K is a thing of the future, but it is already here.
It is a resolution that the OEM to the one of UltraHD, and whose images are composed of 33 millions of dots or pixels (on a 4K, are “only” 8.8 million).
So are the new TVs at 8K resolution (and why some recommend waiting to buy them) and play videos from the high resolution will be possible thanks to the Wi-Fi 6, because its system will improve the power of connection.
But to make this possible, you will need that your internet provider also allows you to download as high resolution videos.
When will it be available?
WiFi 6 is already compatible with current devices, but is not yet available and the market.
Some companies have already begun to develop chips, although the adoption of this technology to general level to level not expected until 2019.
Free Wifi? The final date, however, is defined. And the time that takes to settle will depend on manufacturers, software developers and internet providers once underway, a small number next to the wifi icon will let us know if we are connected.
And it is possible that soon instead of asking for “free wifi” ask if they have wifi 6.

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