translated from Spanish: Safe classroom unleashes new clash: opposition accuses «legislative violence» and «communicational pyrotechnics» Government

the determination of the Commission of Consti tucion, legislation and justice of the Senate, declared «unconstitutional» Bill of the Executive called «Safe room», was not only a circumstantial setback for the Government, but also predicts a difficult handling of project star of the Minister Marcela Cubillos.
While the head of Ministry of education desdramatizó the vote, pointing out that it will be in the Senate Education Committee where the Government committed to «work in detail the project», the truth is that the approach of the Executive has zero reception between the parliamentary opponents that integrate specialized instances of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.
In fact, this afternoon the Senators of the Committee on education, Yasna Provoste (DC), Jaime Quintana (PPD) and Juan Ignacio Latorre (Dr) issued a statement which accused «lack of seriousness» and «desprolijidad» of the Government.
«The Government’s proposal called»Safe room»is a bad formula. It simplifies to end a complex issue; passes to bring basic rights of persons and does not solve the problem that seeks to address», they say.
Loe Senators also urged the Government to withdraw the urgency of the project which will lead to a new initiative or the presentation of an indication containing its proposals and the expert.
«We expected that the response of the Government was opening up to dialogue and the design of a new initiative that addresses the real dimension of the problem. Unfortunately, the Executive has opted for legislative violence. You don’t the approval or rejection of the project, cares to simply generate a politician made, on an issue where he believes have a solid backup», they point out.
Reaction in the Chamber the determination of the Committee on Constitution, legislation and justice of the Senate also drew applause among the deputies opponents belonging to the Committee on education of the lower House, who insisted to remind the Minister of Education Marcela Cubillos, which in this instance is transacted a legal text with similar characteristics.
The MEP Cristina Girardi (PPD) endorsed the decision of the instance of the Senate, arguing that «this initiative did not respect due process, and was attacking the constitutional guarantees that sets our legislation».
«It seems to me very well that the Constitution Commission is rectified this because clearly what we have to do is accept that our legislation already provides for this and that it is not necessary to modify it accordingly, but if we have to modify some topics like the» reasons of violence that exist in the school environment», said Cristina Girardi, President of the Commission of education’s camera, for Camila Vallejo Communist Deputy,»the acts of violence that the educational communities are living are serious and need proposals and real solutions, not communication wedges. Therefore, what we need from the Government is to present projects that are serious, which are studied, which are constitutional and that not only are slogan.»
Meanwhile, Deputy PS Juan Santana noted that «the determination of this Senate Committee demonstrates the desprolijidad that was presented this draft law in the Parliament».
Santana said that «apparently, Ministers are not doing the downside, because they don’t know that there are initiatives that address more comprehensively the issue of violence in the classroom» «this project does nothing new with what exists in legislation and with the qu» (e) discussed in the committees of the camera.  In my opinion, this project is only political pyrotechnics. Here there is clearly irresponsible of the Minister Cubillos, who is only intended to generate communication effects», said the Deputy Santana.
In this sense, the Congresswoman Vallejo called the Executive to «join us in the processing of a project have tabled and which addresses the issue of violence in a real and comprehensive manner, as experts in the field of school coexistence coming have said working more than 10 years ago this topic».

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