translated from Spanish: Bad result for Chile: Ecuador beat Bolivia in La Paz and climbs qatar qualifiers

Thirty days after falling 1-2 to Argentina in La Paz, the once feared fort of the Bolivian national team located at an altitude of 3,640 meters was again violated in the playoffs of the Qatar World Cup, this Thursday by Ecuador, which in an open duel prevailed 2-3.
The dream of a victory over Argentina that ended in defeat on October 13, today was encouraged by striker Juan Carlos Arce in the 37th minute with a dry finish that ended a showy collective maneuver on the left wing.

But the story changed from the first minute of the second half with the draw when left-handed side Beder Caicedo took off for his band and fixed the 1-1 transient.
And about the 55th minute, Angel Mena led to the comeback of the squad led by the Argentine Gustavo Alfaro.
Everything painted towards a new adverse outcome of the Bolivians, similar to that of almost a month ago, but the bolivian star striker, Marcelo Moreno Martins, appeared to fix a 2-2 that looked like the salvation of the furniture in the middle of the shipwreck.
However, in an open, take-and-daca match, midfielder Carlos Grueso came from behind to establish ecuadorians’ 2–3 victory in the 88th minute.
Bolivia, which had fallen in its first two outings, today added its second consecutive failure in La Paz, a square that no longer seems to be feared, and Ecuador, which had lost one match and won the other, has reached cruising speed with its second online victory and 6 points in the saddlebags.
The fourth day, which will take place next Tuesday, will put Bolivia in Asunción against Paraguay and Ecuador pending Colombia.

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