translated from Spanish: Senate kills 2 thousand advisors; cut cost 386 million pesos

the Senate slashed a total of 2 thousand consultants who were working in the areas of administrative, legislative, commissions and even the civil service career, this as a result of the change of legislature and the first austerity measures.
Ricardo Monreal, Chairman of the Board of political coordination (Jucopo), reported that the liquidation of such personnel, required an expenditure of 386 million pesos, i.e. 286 million extra to the game that was initially referred to cover this expenditure .
«They had referred to 100 million dollars for payment of liquidation, on the occasion of the end of the functions of the legislature and carry right now, at this current time, a total of 368 million 719 pesos, i.e. more than 260 million pesos will come out of this process» austerity», said.
You can interest: the Senate approves an agreement of austerity that cuts petrol vouchers, medical expenses (and even fruits and seeds) Morena Coordinator on the Senate floor gave instructions so that all the seats that were vacated are frozen for avoid new hires, according to the newspaper Reforma.
The legislator explained that the cut was thousand 122 consultants who were paid by legislative, 486 of commissions, 56 of the parliamentary groups, 181 administrative, 33 of the civil service career, 155 middle and upper, as well as seven operating of trust, to give a total of 2 thousand 40 outputs.

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