translated from Spanish: SMA formulates charges against Quintero LNG for breach of rules of the RCA

in the context of the environmental crisis in the area of Puchuncavi, S and Quintero uperintendencia of the environment (SMA) made charges to the company Quintero LNG for the breach of conditions, rules and measures established in the resolution of environmental qualification (RCA).
Six environmental inspections were carried out inside the facilities of GNL Quintero, in the framework of the dozens of audits carried out by the SMA in the area, from August 21 to September 30. In the case of GNL Quintero, were carried out audits with dates 27 and 28 of August, and the days 04, 11, 15 and 20 of September of this year.
Between multiple inspections at the company, the audit of the SMA reviewed the instruments that were monitoring the quality of the air at the monitoring station «Center Quintero», noting problems, specifically, on the computer measuring total hydrocarbons.
Indeed, it was possible to determine that from August 1 onwards Thermo model 55 c team, the measurement of total hydrocarbons and methane and non-methane hydrocarbons begin to develop faults which resulted in data not reliable for these gases. Faced with this, the company did not take immediate corrective actions that had enabled a reliable record of the concentrations of hydrocarbons in the air.
Uncertainty regarding the reliability of the data is maintained until August 16, because from the 17 and until August 22, there is simply no data since all of them were invalidated for being not representative. August 21 team was removed from the station and replaced by a new one that began to operate from August 22, around 20 hours.
In addition, differences were detected between the data recorded by the measuring equipment itself such and your datalogger (processing software) which in some cases were significant for elements such as hydrocarbons, non-methane, SO2 and O3.
As a result of the foregoing, the SMA made charges to the company by the malfunction, discontinuous operation and non-operation of the hydrocarbons from the station Center Quintero measuring equipment. This breach was described as very serious.
Finally, two charges were also to GNL Quintero by failing to report their monitoring of liquid industrial waste discharge (riles) for the parameters pH, sulfide, zinc and arsenic during certain periods of the year 2017 and 2018. These charges were rated as mild.
After notification of this formulation of charges, GNL Quintero S.A. shall have a period of 10 days to present a program of compliance and 15 working days to formulate their disclaimers.
GNL Quintero discard responsibility in episodes of intoxication in a public statement, GNL Quintero replied to the formulation of charges by the Superintendency of environmental (SMA) and ensured that they bear no relation with the pollution episodes. 
In addition, they noted that «the formulation of charges by the SMA is the beginning of a process and not a penalty.  In that sense, we indicate that we will review all the background to the case and will define the next steps to follow». 

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