translated from Spanish: Designed flying vehicle for deals long distance

Tokyo-the Japanese company Yamato Holdings has designed a flying vehicle for the realization of deals long distance that plans to start marketing in the mid-d e 2020, announced today in a statement. Yamato, one of the main companies of distribution of Japan, has signed an agreement with the U.S. firm Bell Helicopter Textron for the construction of the device, which you can load up to 453 kg and travel at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour. 

Labour shortage has led to look for alternatives of distribution. Photo: Pixabay the Japanese company will be responsible for building the container be introduced where the merchandise, while company based in Texas (USA) will take care of the body, detailed text. Partners are already working on a prototype of 1.5 metres long which they intend to prove in the first eight months of 2019. 
Japanese logistics companies have turned in the research and development of unmanned vehicles as drones to, among other objectives, to cope with the shortage of manpower, the ageing of the population and difficult access in rural areas mountain and in the event of natural disasters or remote islands. The Japanese Government set up a public-private Committee last August to analyze the use of flying vehicles, discuss a regulatory framework and establish a roadmap on its development. In Japan, the leading group in the sector research is Cartivator, formed by a group of volunteer engineers in the automotive sector immersed in the creation of SkyDrive, a flying tourism that expect to have ready a prototype manned by the end of This year. Among other companies involved in the investigation of this means of transport are European Aeronautics group Airbus, which proved in January a vehicle flying single-seat, or Uber American shared transport service provider, submitted a plan to use these vehicles in 2023. 
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