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on 11 October 1937 is decreed the law organic Socialist of the Northwestern University. Recently had come to the rectory Solon Zabre, who had as Secretary general of the institution to Enrique Félix Castro.Según law, the institution aims to: Orient sinaloense youth to a socialism organized and creator; improve, effectively and through popular culture, economic, moral and social level of the proletariat, extending its action to places more sections of Sinaloa, through cultural missions, conferences, mobile libraries, courses by correspondence, the monographic course, book, brochure, the newspaper library, educational film, etc.; and prepare technical and scientifically, the future directors of the masses organizing socio-economic activities. Education that is taught in the University Socialist of the Northwest always would be adjusted to the spirit the article 3 of the Constitution, reformed in December of 1934.Estaba considered an institution of the State, through which East It would develop its cultural action and express their criteria in education. The change from college to University resulted in the Suppression of the autonomy that it enjoyed the Colegio Civil Rosales, dating from the times of the University of West.

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