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United States-‘healthy’ Food Menu, improved lighting and a varied catalogue of movies to see. The passengers were preparing Thursday to embark on the longest flight in the world: a marathon 19 hours between Singapore and New York.Dos pilots and two co-pilots will take turns at the controls of the Airbus A350-900 ULR (ultra long range), which will tour 16.700 km between the city state of Southeast Asia and New York.Para this flight SQ22 airline Singapore Airlines, whose launch is planned at 23 H 35 (15 H 35 GMT), the appliance is ready to transport 161 passengers, of whom 67 travel in ‘business’ class and 94 ‘premium economy’ but has no basic economic kind. The crew, with auxiliary cabin 13, will rotate in shifts so that everyone can have four statutory minimum rest hours, reported Singapore Airlines.El challenge of passengers will be neither more nor less than kill time there up. Those who have not taken a couple of books to read may resort to a selection of movies and TV shows with a cumulative duration of 1,200 hours, the equivalent of seven weeks. The menu on Board will feature selected dishes to feel at home in the air, said the company.

Passengers on Singapore Airlines are prepared in the “check-in” automatic and Singapore International Airport from October 11, 2018. Photo: AFP / Roslan Rahman to improve the flying experience and reduce the stress of passing near a whole day in heaven, this aircraft has a cabin roof higher than the others, larger windows and a special LED lighting that plays with the c “smells to reduce the”jetlag”and the effects of the time change that involves an intercontinental journey.” Research shows that the hydration and nutrition are important factors (to be considered) “, he told AFP Rhte Bhuller, an expert in health of the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. niche of mercadoHay that”avoid foods that cause gas and make feel swelling as well as the excessive consumption of alcohol”, he added.
“The main concern is deep vein thrombosis which is the result of sitting for too long and at the same time with dehydration,” he explained by his side Gail Cross, consultant at the National University Hospital of Singapore.

Airbus delivered its first A350-900 ULR to the airline Singapore Airlines in September. This range of long distance of the A350 twin-engine increases their journey of 8,100 nautical miles (about 15,000 km and 16 hours of flight) 9,700 nautical miles (about 18,000 km and up to 20 hours of flight) thanks to an optimization of your fuel system you p l’ermite spend 25% less. Under normal weather conditions, this flight bound from Newark Airport must last 18 hours and 45 minutes.

It is not the first time that the company intends this trip. In fact, these destinations operated for nine years but in 2013 had to discard the flight of its menu of options as a result of the rise in oil prices that made him lose profitability. In those years it served as the A340-500, a quadbikes consuming too. Even when the barrel of Brent exceeds again 80 dollars, the company is convinced that this route particularly appreciated by businessmen can be profitable for the best energy performance of their devices. With this new flight, Singapore Airlines regains first place in the ranking of the companies that perform the longer journeys. Traveled first to Qatar Airways flight 921 between Auckland and Doha, of approximately 18 hours.
“This has become a competition between companies. See who proposes the intercontinental flight more long”, says AFP Shukor Yusof, Endau Analytics explaining that the expectation of these companies is”capitalize on this market niche”.

Faced increasing competition in recent years, Singapore Airlines has defended focusing both on its low-cost subsidiaries and its premium segment and “long distance services are part of this strategy,” told AFP a spokesperson for the company that you expect other six A350-900 ULR before year’s end.

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