translated from Spanish: SII to monitor regularization of parliamentarian properties: report denounced million-dollar tax avoidance for delivery of unfidicious information

After the TVN Special Report program revealed that some opposition and official parliamentarians make a million-dollar tax avoidance, because they maintain unsealed constructions, and with differences in footage in their returns, the Internal Revenue Service (IIC) called on contributors to update existing real estate information.
The service said that “in the face of the background provided by TVN’s Special Report program, it noted that “journalistic research reveals a reality that we must take charge of as a society, and we, as an institution, are constantly reinforcing the actions necessary to improve the Catastro update and collect what is appropriate.”
In the television report, it was found that some legislators declared up to zero meters built on their properties.
On the case of parliamentarians, the agency’s Deputy Director of Valuations said that “public authorities and representatives have an even greater obligation to comply with the law and deliver reliable information. This is not only because compliance with the rules is especially enforceable to the authorities, because of the public function we play, but also because with our conduct we set an example for citizens, and because of the profound importance that compliance has for the common good.”
The SII also announced that it will conduct targeted monitoring to regularize this situation prior to the expiration of the first installment of 2021.
According to current regulations, when modifications are verified on a property, which were not declared, the law empowers the SII to appraise them and collect the difference with a retroactive accounting of up to 3 years.
“In any case, taxpayers may waive the 3-year limit set by law. The ISS will publicly report the outcome of this regularization plan.”

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