translated from Spanish: Two months suspended: confirm ruling against Normal fifth Mayor for «serious misconduct to probity»

the Court election qualifier confirmed the judgment of the second Tribunal Electoral de la Region Metropolitana and maintained the suspension for two months to the Mayor of Quinta Normal, Carmen Gloria Fernandez (DC), for «remarkable abandonment of duties and misconduct serious to probity».
The ruling confirms that acting Mayor «configures a lack to the administrative probity, because his conduct deviates from the righteousness that is payable to an authority that must act with absolute adherence to the law and seek to safeguard the interest of general (…) above those of a particular nature that in this way benefit illegitimately»and that there are»serious negligence in the fulfillment of their public function (that) deserve to host the inferred requirement and impose a sanction according to them».
the case of the Mayor was taken to the electoral justice by RN Natalia Silva Herrera, Hilda Landeros Gallardo and the UDI Lorenzo Mora Councillors.
The mayors were accused of irregularities such as non-payment of social security contributions «of the officials of the Community Development Corporation of Quinta Normal, since January 2017 until April 2018, and whose amounts up to $140 million» and a series of irregularities detected by the General Comptroller of the Republic June 2014 school integration program.
The resolution of the election qualifier Tribunal was pronounced by the Ministers Juan Eduardo Fuentes Belmar (Deputy Chairman), Lamberto Cisternas, Jorge Dahm and Luis Pareto.
Despite the suspension, the building Chief Fernandez message opted to look at the glass half-full, noting that «despite the fact that they tried to sack me they did not».
In a message on Facebook targeted at the community of Quinta Normal, the suspended mayor said that «these two months of administrative parentheses will be for me a space for reflection and be sure that the back will keep working».
In his message, the mayor accused victim of «politicking» and «fabrications». «With tranquility and fortitude I get the final decision of the electoral tribunal, which I have not been notified, the result is a powerful and public sign that shows that, despite all the fabrications that got me involved, I am completely innocent (…) such politicking to get away from the office failed to break the will of the people of you that I was elected for second term as Mayor of Quinta Normal», he said.
Act followed, Carmen Fernández said that «I am convinced that I’ve done things well and as I’ve always characterized accept responsibility I attributed as the communal President of the Development Corporation of Quinta Normal». However, in this context, it hereby responsibilities, holding that «seems to me important to clarify that I have no responsibility in everyday administrative acts of that entity, and during that period he abused my trust».

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