translated from Spanish: Video of assaults in the INBA comes as ring finger: the currency made intense Communications deployment by safe classroom

images of carabineros agr orders to the interior of the INBA fell like ring finger in its strategy to achieve the adoption of the controversial draft safe classroom. Once known viralizado by the Mayor of Santiago Felipe Alessandri – video and which correspond to the incidents of last week – Vice President Andrés Chadwick issued a strong condemnation via Twitter. But non-conforming with this, cited in the afternoon to the general director of Carabineros Hermes Soto to La Moneda to give him a public endorsement.
In his speech, the Minister of the Interior set the line of Government and returned to insist to Congress that remove forward Bill which was labelled unconstitutional in the Constitution Committee of the Senate and that began a difficult procedure in the Education Commission of the same upper Chamber.
“We urgently need the approval of the law safe classroom. Stop it! And therefore ask the National Congress that us support on this Bill for the purpose that our principals of high schools have more powers to impose authority and discipline, which is fundamental for students, for parents and guardians be calm when they send their children to be educated in our schools”, the Minister said.
Communication down the currency became clear. Earlier, Minister spokesperson for the Government, Cecilia Pérez of visit in the Region of Ñuble, also made a defense of the project. And with these words called upon parliamentarians of opposition: “those who don’t want to deal with this project, that have delayed it, that have sought any excuse, must define which side are: Pacific school community who want to study, or the” criminals. That have to respond to it to the country.”
“Down” communication in parliamentarians in unison, in social networks, parliamentarians of Chile we joined the Government strategy, always the online call to approve the project. Several shared the video of the INBA, as Senator RN Andrés Allamand did: “No more impunity! Striking students beating a policeman. Urgent progress in project #AulaSegura. Our first obligation is with the security of all, not violent acts we naturalicemos! “, wrote on Twitter.”
The UDI Jorge Alessandri also shared the video stating that “do not want Bill”Safe room”that I invite you to watch this video of the poor children who ask for due process. Even when! “, while the RN Senator Francisco Chahuán also joined calls to have” safe classroom now “.” In your case, the argument, was that “we will not tolerate further attacks to Carabineros de Chile, should put an end to impunity and return quiet to teachers and young people who only want to study”.
Other pro-Government Senators lashed her colleagues of the former new majority with name and surname. That was the case of Manuel José Ossandón, who wrote that “thanks to @felipeharboe and two other senators these criminals disguised as students not may be expelled”, alluding to the vote of rejection of Senator PPD Felipe Harboe in the Constitution Committee along with other opposition senators where it was decreed that Gobiernono project respects the due process.
The also called the attention of the opposition but from the opposition responses, as the Congresswoman PC Camila Vallejo who did see the point of that right being asked to pass a bill that sanctions violent behaviors toward teachers and members of the educational community and not to police, because that is a matter of law.
“Minister, I invite you to read the law that their own Government entered: safe classroom does not include such acts within his classification.” Even if approved would not apply in this case. Less media show and more actual proposals, please”he said also on Twitter.
Expressed in the same line, Senator DC Yasna Provoste, Chairperson of the Education Commission. “Those who try to link these events with the safe classroom project, it is necessary to point out that the project typifies not facts such as those shown in the video and that we strongly condemn.” When someone says that it is urgent that the initiative should be adopted to punish these facts, or not read the project or trying to confuse or simply be lies”, he explained.
Penalties for assaults to police anyway, Chadwick announced that also seek to amend the current legislation that punishes those who damage to the uniformed.
“Police has the absolute support of the Government in the exercise of their functions and their legal duties (…) We will send some modifications to current law that sanctioned the attacks police and our police for effects to more severe penalties and responsibilities to any citizen, to any person, who not only hurt police, but also not respect it and not give enforcement authorities and to the orders emanating from our police,”he announced.

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