translated from Spanish: Criticizes Cardinal deficit of bodies abandoned in trailers

Guadalajara-the Archbishop Emeritus of Guadalajara Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez, criticised the authorities for abuse that occurred hundreds of bodies in refrigerants trailers.

Photo: File reform mentioned that currently exists a context of war not declared, under the complicity from whom it is supposed should ensure the safety of persons.
What dirty interests is there behind this lack of respect for the human being? They better treat the chickens dead than to those poor brothers Expreso.reitero that the rulers had no shame in such situation, because they only cared about themselves and their interests. In that sense, to preside over the mass of farewell to the Virgin of Zapopan, said that he is needed today more than ever to «La Generala» as a peacemaker. Sandoval Íñiguez lamented the situation of insecurity prevailing in the city, where every day there are cases of robberies, assaults, murders and disappearances.
We ask the Blessed Virgin, it is powerful, we change the heart, which makes us more human, more honest and more responsible to live peacefully Dijo.subrayo the Zapopana image has been synonymous with, over the years, of reconciliation and union between the people NAS.
In this note: Guadalajara bodies abandoned Church

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