translated from Spanish: Trump defends the separation of families in the border on the day of the initiative «hugs, not walls»

«If feel that there will be a separation, then not v» endran», said American President Donald Trump in reference to the political controversy of the separation of families of immigrants on the border with Mexico. The statements made today (13.10.2018) to the press as he left the White House to attend an act of campaign in Richmond (Kentucky), confirmed the information published today by The Washington Post that, supporting several administration sources, is He said that the Government analyzed to take up the controversial measure.
One of the options that now shuffles the White House, according to the newspaper, is to stop together families seeking asylum up to 20 days, which is the period that the law allows a minor to remain arrested with their parents. Passed this time, give the older two options while processing their deportation: free the children, separated them, or keep them locked up with them. «We are analyzing everything when it comes to illegal immigration,» said Trump, without giving more details.
«Hugs, not walls» just today held the sixth edition of the «Hugs, not walls» initiative, organized by the network in defense of the rights of migrants. About 3,000 people gathered at the border that divides the Mexican Ciudad Juárez and the U.S. Sunland Park to rejoin their families for three minutes.
Fernando García, director of the Border Network for Human Rights (border network for the rights of migrants, in Spanish), pointed out that this is a place with a great load of content. «This is a wall that represents the worst of immigration policy. It is a wall that represents racism and xenophobia which exists in the United States,»he said.
The Congressman Ulises García Soto, Secretary of the Committee on migration issues, he told Efe that the legislative agenda of the party to which it belongs – national regeneration movement, Morena – will give special importance to the subject of repatriated Mexicans. The legislator also said that in November will be organized a legislative table in the Mexican Congress to discuss the issue.

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