translated from Spanish: After falling and hitting his head, pedestrian dies in the colony South meadows,

Morelia Morelia, Michoacan.-a transient died on the Avenida Amalia Solórzano, just outside the Federal urban primary school “Ignacio Manuel Altamirano”, located in the grasslands of the South colony, belonging to the Michoacán capital, said police contacts, who added that the aforementioned suffered a blow to the head after losing his own height.
The identity of the person who died is unknown, it was about 68 years old, of slim build, light brown skin; He wore blue jeans, brown jacket with white lining mackerel, blue shirt King and black shoes.
Some locals reported the facts during the Wednesday afternoon, then arrived Morelia police officers, who saw inert citizen and asked for an ambulance, whose paramedics arriving corroborated the death.
An aggressive dog, mascot of the extinct today, would not let approaching police officers and rescue workers, then requested the support of Municipal dog Control Center workers in order to remove it.
Minutes later early care unit and criminal experts of the General Prosecutor of Justice (PGJ) agents showed up at the area of the incident, made the respective inquiries and the corpse was taken to the morgue.

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