translated from Spanish: He spoke the conductive co received the misogynistic Billy Bond comment: “Was unpleasant and unexpected”

year 2018; women’s empowerment; women’s movement in full swing. In this process, the concept of “joke” changed and forever, from a massive social deconstruction. However, in this context, and in the midst of a radio interview for the program Sexy Pipol, Billy Bond was a misogynistic comment against the conductive co Jésica Lamonica Lima.
“Sacate the Moon”, expressly said the musician. The sentence took place at the beginning of the interview, which generated a climate of tense and uncomfortable for everyone. In dialogue with cutting edge, the conductive co broke the silence and made his disclaimer. How was the situation?

Jesica Lamonica Lima | Photo: Instagram @jesicall all started from a eulogy made the former singer of the heavy Rock radio, to which she replied: “This is rock”. “That moment was enough to make him respond with misogynist way.” I stayed silent, icy. We are very incomodxs all and the interview was very difficult,”confessed Lamonica Lima.En half of the development of the interview, Clemente Cancela – host of the program – told Bond that is had been desubicado with your comment, so he asked for forgiveness.

Billy Bond | Photo: @AleDoCarmo even so, the young woman said: “was unpleasant and unexpected (unexpected form and the automatic that was just snatch the interview), but explained only, there isn’t much more to add”.
“He wanted to make a comment as lowering me level by being a woman in ‘ male’ table”, opined the conductive co.

“However, in the midst of that moment of surprise, the conductive co said that it did not react as expected:” these things already jumping very fast, it is difficult to react in the ideal way and with the right words as one would like but so are things “.” “Had said you that what he did was sexist and not a joke, that his intention was to give me to understand that I have to be as an accessory and not asking and being part of the note, which is I”, ended.

Billy Bond Sexy pipol Jésica Lamonica Lima

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