translated from Spanish: NHRC warns failure in juvenile Ensenada

Ensenada, Baja California (agency reform)-the treatment center for teenagers in Ensenada, Baja California, does not have protocols to control riots and rampant abuse conditions abuse and torture against inmates, warned the National Commission of human rights (CNDH). It was reported that, through the national mechanism for the prevention of torture (MNPT), of directed ISP-6/2018 Supervision report to the Governor of the State, Francisco Vega.
“The head of security does not receive training in the field of prevention of torture and human rights; missing programs and protocols to prevent and, where appropriate, attend homicides, suicides, evasions, fights, hunger strikes and riots, and lack ramps for persons with physical disabilities,”denounced the NHRC in a press release. The authority of human rights detected that there are no areas of family visits and conjugal visits, both in the men’s and women’s; poor maintenance in the bedroom of women, which has no lighting and ventilation, that there are cracks and leaks, and only has a toilet. He added that there are no paid work or public telephones for inmates; There are no dental; There is no specific office for women; missing doctor in the evening and night shifts and weekends, and the doctor does travels in the interior of the Centre to check the conditions of hygiene.
The NHRC asked dignified treatment and conditions in places of internment under command of the Undersecretary of prison security of the Secretariat of State public security system. Claimed to resolve any anomalies detected observations and implement training programs for public servants on the prevention of torture, rational use of force and conflict management. In this note:

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