translated from Spanish: The World Bank and the IDB approved loans to Argentina for $1850 million

in an economic context marked by recession and a sharp increase in levels of inflation, the World Bank (WB) and the Inter-American Bank of development (IDB) approved Aron loans directed toward the Argentina $1850 million dollars. In the case of the World Bank, the financing package is divided into two batches. The first, by 500 million, will be used to settle the amounts included in the budget of the year 2019. The 450 million remaining would be directed toward programs of family allowances. From the World Bank was raised that this program provides support to the country to stabilize the economy and protect the most vulnerable. 
Funds from the IDB for its part will have as a destination we do future programs, Social rate of public transport and advance scholarship. The measure seeks to reach assistance to around four million people. In this way, the strategy of the Government of Mauricio Macri continues determined to deepen their level of debt in the face of a 2019 that, besides election-year will be marked by a downturn in the national economy. 

In this regard, and based on a report by the consulting firm Ecolatina, new schedule which marks from the new agreement with the IMF seems to indicate that the weight of the total by the end of this 2018 public debt would exceed 95% of the national GDP. These values represent an increase of 80.6% from the 52.6% represented by 2015, being at the same time the highest value from the 2004.El announcement of outlays is given within the framework of the confirmation of a new mission from the IMF to Buenos Aires to control implements it tion of the IDB Bank global change debt agreement

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