translated from Spanish: Alvaro Morales and his role in house of dolls: «Write Me people, say they feel reflected»

the actor Alvaro Morales talked about his character in «House of dolls», José Luis Hurtado, the gay lawyer who yesterday revealed his homosexuality to your spouse, Isabella Falco (Celine Reymond). In conversation with the fourth, he explained that his role is who gives rise to the drama of a soap opera that rather relies on thematic tone of comedy, so it was a challenge to take it but also finds it «fascinating».» «The most interesting thing for me is that the character is well-to-do, family of advertisers life, but very prejudiced as it is Chilean society yet», said. Morales confessed that after his revelation they will start many things happen very fast. «The character begins to evolve in a different way, not only which is released (…)» It will be very strong for all the characters involved, not only for him, but for his family, for his homosexual partner also.» Asked if he believes that his character helps national productions, the actor pointed out what added value if it is has been a contribution. «It’s fiction, we don’t want to lecture anyone, but it says much about particularities.» In this context, the artist said that he has received multiple messages via social networks. «They tell me that they are reflected in the character, there are people who it motivates more, they say much, I see the visceral, others who feel very represented, people comment that he has not dared to open up to their own identity, it has been very nice that».

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