translated from Spanish: Health workers protests overshadow José Narro visit

overshadow visit by Narro. Nothing is casual. The protests of workers in the health sector were precisely within the framework of the visit of the Secretary Jose Narro. In Culiacan and Mazatlan some institutions «stopped». The demand was practically the same: answer to your requests. Payment of indebtedness and extraordinary support. Even uniforms and evil try to a health officer. Everything seems to indicate that it was the Trade Union who orchestrated the protest action taking advantage of the visit of the Secretary of health to Culiacan, José Narro. It is coming to Dr. Efren Oaks the world over. The owner of CLTS health in Sinaloa has had to navigate with consistent failures in the supply of drugs. But also with the agreements made with the Union. This last, say Union leaders, is what caused the protests yesterday. Oaks said that it has resources of around 100 million pesos, but most of this quantity is intended so that medications are not missed. Narro wine to announce the impulse of the medical infrastructure in Sinaloa with the construction and start of what will be the new General Hospital of Culiacan. In Mazatlan, the new Hospital could be ready in the next three months. It takes an important step forward in work. And next to him is located the center of rehabilitation, which is now finished in its first two stages. In the middle of the sandwich. On the one hand the Union and on the other the Government in the health sector. Each one with their interests. But in the Middle they have placed the sick. Those who attend the General Hospital for medical care. The treatment of the majority of the staff is outrageous. The sick come to General Hospital because they can not simply do it to a private institution. They lack social security and Issste. They have another. But abuse is evident. This will not change with new medical facilities. Even with new furniture and advanced equipment. In this case it is the staff. That is bound to change. And there the Union does not want to know of the issue. The Government must then meet the claim citizen. Family is accommodated. The version is becoming stronger. Refers to that the spouse of the new mayor of Morena, Luis Guillermo Benítez already set aside at least 15 jobs for their relatives. All will be distributed in different municipal departments. Some not only will be immediate family members. It is clear that in culture placed a political niece. She is the daughter of one of his sisters. But there is no who brake the avalanche coming from appointments of family members of the first lady. There is already a similar history. It was in the administration which Jorge Abel López topped with relatives of his spouse. Not to be back now by doing so Benitez. But there are other morenistas having no qualms about engaging in such practices of nepotism. That same both criticized the PRI. The names and charges will soon be announced. Everything in its time. There are also cases of Deputies morenistas which are already entering to payroll to relatives. That beautiful family!. In this note:

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