translated from Spanish: Is Ronaldinho in bankruptcy? Million dollar debt and only 25 real bank account

then you have been declared in favour of Jair Bolsonaro, Ronaldinho began with a series of disasters affecting it its personal and economic life. The first of these was the decision by Barcelona to reduce the activity of the world champion in 2002 and even speculated with its separation from the institution, which was to search in 2015.Luego, its but problem came after a setback of Justice of Brazil. With a million-dollar debt due to an illegal construction on protected lands, the prosecution ordered to withdraw her passport to the gaucho crack and then it was decided to intervene the bank accounts to meet the demand.

Ronaldinho has their empty accounts in Brazil, but continues to travel the world advertising. Photo: Instagram @ronaldinho oddly, when they revealed the information, stressed that Ronaldinho has only 25 reais (237 pesos) and clearly cannot face the more than two million dollars due to their conflict of more than four years with the State, which criticized the mismanagement of the Assis.Sin however, the surprise for the amount not affected from the point of view of the bankruptcy of the player, but on the contrary. Complying with some shopping guidelines in Japan and Morocco, as well as its new brand of shoes linked to the Nike company, resulting in a high income of money.
Even on 17 November a party will be carried out in Frankfurt, Germany, where it is presented as the ‘game of Champions’ and who will face two teams: Ronaldinho and his friends vs. Adler All Stars, believed to also generate money for the coffers of Dinho, but silver in Brazil still does not appear. 

Ronaldinho Brazil bankruptcy

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