translated from Spanish: They hope to improve safety in Reynosa

Reynosa, Tamaulipas (agency reform)-Halloween and the day of the dead celebrations left a big economic impact in this city, by the large number of visitors and agree on long weekend, by which it is clear that if security improves the recovery of trade is guaranteed, said Alfonso de León Fuentes, the industry entrepreneur and former President of the National Chamber of the restaurant industry (Canirac).

“we see with optimism the future situation, we had very good sales in these days by the day of the dead, we saw many visitors, but we want that throughout the end of the year remain the same if the authority applies security surely thus be”, to He signed.

pointed out that in the end of year come more holidays, so expect that security problems have run out and increase the confidence of the people.

“comes one season in which sales are up, come December, the last years have not been good, hopefully now yes”, exclaimed Leon sources, “the people of Monterrey does not want to go through here, it will depend on three levels of” Government building that trust”.

pointed out that the dollar at 20 pesos with 50 cents can retain in Reynosa and in their cities, buyers not be attractive to go shopping in McAllen.

“all who are dedicated to the trade we want us to do well, the restaurateur, the caterer, we need everyone to bring money and not just a few, the hope is that a new Government measures that will benefit the front” It was, hopefully they really do,”he said.

said that lowering the VAT from 16 to 8 percent, from 32 to 20 percent income tax and approved with McAllen prices of diesel, gasoline and light is a commitment to the next Government necessarily benefiting trade, industry and the public to improve your income.

“will be much work to Reynosa, it will be attractive by lowering taxes, but investors also want peace of mind to have security on your investment and that the three levels of Government should support, that the municipality meets its” commitment to have Municipal police”, said.

also urged the municipal government will not have municipal police ill-paid, since administrations gave the Vice that not paid well, nor gave them benefits.

“authority sometimes requires employers that they do not comply, pay Infonavit, IMSS and benefits to its workers”, he said. In this note:

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