translated from Spanish: They reproach Peña Nieto little willingness in anti-corruption

Mexico.-during the third Universal periodic review (UPR), made in the plenary of the Council for human rights of the UN, PAN Senator Kenya Lopez criticized the lack of will of the Administrac Enrique Peña Nieto ion to combat corruption. Taking the Word as part of the Mexican delegation, instead of responding to the questions of other countries, the Pan also criticized the outgoing Government.
In this Government that concludes there was no political will to stop an anti-corruption national system effective and functional, it launched.

Kenya Lopez. Photo: senado.gob “citizenship as problem number one complaint corruption and impunity, despite this emphasis on without holder to the PGR, the unit that is in charge to investigate and prosecute the crimes of the federal order”. The President of the Commission on human rights of the Senate also charged that while the registry of disappeared persons adds more than 37 cases, many have not been posted.
In whole Mexico we live in critical times in the field of human rights (…) In Mexico, say Ayotzinapa produces helplessness and grief, he said.

“Despite having a specialized prosecutor’s Office, Mexico is the country without war more dangerous in the world to practice journalism”.

President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto. Photo: Under-Secretary for human rights of the Ministry of Interior reform presumed Segob hospitality with migrants in both, Rafael Avante, said that any migrant in Mexico is illegal.
Given the unprecedented situation that today the country related to the so-called migrant caravan, the Government of Mexico reiterates its traditional hospitality and solidarity, he said.

‘ In this regard, regardless of the humanitarian response and assistance is being provided, the President Enrique Peña Nieto launched the plan ‘You are in your House’, with the purpose of providing protection, employment temporary, education and services to migrants ‘ that she regularise their situation in Mexico”.

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