translated from Spanish: Army announced deep change in the high command: 21 generals will go to retirement

the army reported during this Friday that held a deep change in its high command, which will involve the removal of 21 generals. This occurs in the midst of investigations for alleged fraud to the Treasury. The institution reported its amendments to President Sebastián Piñera and the Minister of Defense, Alberto Espina, who confirmed that 18 colonels were promoted to generals, as well as five generals of Brigade which were passed to General of Division.” This does not mean that all the generals are involved in the facts, that is research,”said the Secretary of State in a press point. In the statement which reflected the changes, the army said withdrawals were defined “according to contemplated in this process and attending to various considerations that comprise the voluntary resignation, the end of his military career, the evaluation of the” management and institutional needs”. Among the changes was the replacement of general r and former Secretary John Griffiths, who resigned voluntarily to be prosecuted for fraud to the Treasury by the Minister of the court martial, Romy Rutherford. His post will be filled by general Cristian Guedelhoefer Erbetta.Con this, the Commander in Chief of the army is formed by Ricardo Martínez Menanteau as Commander in Chief; Guedelhoefer Erbetta as general Secretary; Hernan Araya Santis as controller; and Rodrigo Sandoval Calderón as auditor-general. Check here the full composition of the new high command.

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