translated from Spanish: Events of November 9th: what a day like today?

in another November 9, but in 2006, the Assembly of the World Health Organization appoints china Dr. Margaret Chan Director-general of the Agency.
Other efemerides:1729-Treaty of Seville, by which France and England guaranteed to Spain the duchies of Tuscany, Parma and Florencia.1799-coup d ‘ état of 18 Brumaire. Napoleon dissolved the Assembly, annulled the Constitution and establishes the Consulado.1818-born Ivan Turgenev, novelist ruso.1863.-action of the rio Jaina (Santo Domingo): the Spanish Commander Valeriano Weyler, with 126 men, defended for three days against 500 asaltantes.1879. vacuum-the Plenipotentiary jurisconsults of Argentina, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Costa Rica sign a treaty in Lima to unify legislation americana.1900-opening in Madrid of the i. Congress Hispanoamericano.1904- Theodore Roosevelt is re-elected twenty sixth President of States Unidos.1909-born Josefina Pla, writer espanola.1918.-the Emperor William II abdicated following the defeat of Germany in World War I. Socialist Deputy Philip Scheideman proclaims the establishment of the republica.1922-Jacinto Benavente, Nobel Prize of Literatura.1923-fails in Germany the attempted coup d ‘ état organized by Adolf Hitler and Ludendorff.1925-are founded the «SS» in the sine of the NSDAP and are constituted by a paramilitary group of elite aleman.1930-the Austrian Social Democrats win the elections to the National Council. The NSDAP and the KPD left without escanos.1932-the hurricane of Santa Cruz of the South cause more than three thousand victims in the province of Camagüey (Cuba).1937.-the Japanese occupy Chinese city of Shanghai.1938-first large organized «pogrom», «Night of the broken glass» by the nazis in Germany against the Jews, of which more than 35,000 were arrested and their properties destrozadas.1939-attack foiled against Hitler in Munich.1940.-death of Neville Chamberlain, former Prime Minister britanico.1941-coup d’etat in the Republic of Panama: Ricardo Adolfo de la Guardia, new presidente.1945.-begins in Paris Conference on reparations dies Mariano Benlliure, sculptor espanol.1953-independence of Cambodia, which was a protectorate frances.1953.-guerra.1947.- Death of Dylan Thomas, writer gales.1965-New York, seven States of Northeastern U.S. and two provinces of Canada suffer a power outage for more than 12 hours, event known as the «great blackout» that hit 30 million personas.1965-Ferdinand Marcos is elected President of Filipinas.1967-launch into space from Cape Kennedy of the giant rocket Saturn V.1970.-death of Charles de Gaulle, statesman frances.1979.-dies Julio Barrenechea, writer and politician chileno.1981.-first demonstration in Buenos Aires against the Argentine military regime since the coup of 1976.1989.-it is open and starts to be knocked down the «Berlin wall», which halved the city from 1961 to 1989 and who for 28 years became a symbol of the Guerra fria.1990.-new Constitution for Nepal , which restores the democracia.1991.-death of Yves Montand, actor and singer frances.1998.-the feminist writer Paule Constant wins the Goncourt Prize with his novel «Confidence for confidence».2001-«Lingling» Typhoon leaves 98 dead and missing 281 in Filipinas.2002.-the Government of President Álvaro Uribe, extends for ninety days the State of emergency declared 11 of agosto.2003.-the Japanese tripartite coalition headed by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi obtains absolute majority in the generales.2004.-dies Stieg Larsson, writer and journalist sueco.2005.-elections the European Space Agency (ESA) Venus Express launched its first probe to investigate the planeta.2007.-lifted house arrest Benazir Bhutto, former Prime Minister of Pakistan.2007-gets underway in Fray Bentos (Uruguay) the Finnish company Botnia’s pulp plant and Argentina issued a note of protest. In this note:

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