translated from Spanish: He was condemned to Juan Emilio Cheyre by conceal 15 crimes of the caravan of death

the Minister on visit, Mario Carroza, sentenced the former Commander in Chief of the army Juan Emilio Cheyre, as a cover-up of the murder of 15 pe rsonas in the passage of the caravan of death by La Serena, in October of retired general 1973.El was sentenced to 3 years and 1 day of probation. Judge downgraded the quality of an accomplice as she was charged initially, allowing you to access the probation. Coach explained that “we talk about equal justice, which makes no distinction, that has no privileges”. The judge held that this “is the last of the cases in this cycle. He has been a research extensive, complex, because collaboration has not been very explicit of those involved, so it has been difficult to get to the historical truth.” The judge said that during the investigation “will fail to clarify the facts quickly to make it an effective justice, because they were contradictory elements (…) that made this process complex and extensive”. The judge commented that “we came to the conclusion that were dehumanized acts, crimes against humanity”. The Minister of the Court of appeals also sentenced to Ariosto Alberto Francisco Orrego Lapostol sentence of 15 years and a day in prison as the author of the repeated crimes of homicide. Pedro Octavio Espinoza Bravo, Juan Viterbo Chiminelli Fullerton, Victor Hugo Alegre Rodriguez, Jaime Manuel Ojeda Torrent and Emilio Robert de la Mahotiere González must comply with five years and one day in prison as accomplices. And accomplices as former military Hernán Emilio Valdebenito Bugmann, Guillermo Óscar Raby Arancibia, Mario Hernando Vargas Miguieles and second Luis Flores Araos joined Cheyre.

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